Archive of Possibility: Kyler Zeleny’s Found Polaroids Project

BlackFlash Magazine Feature – 34(1)


“The complexity of the FP project is part of its broad appeal, and is also part of what Zeleny, a researcher and photographer whose work is often concerned with archives and identity, describes as its “multiplicities”. The great thing about the FP project, he says, is that “it allows thinking in so many directions”. In fact, thinking about its multiplicities allows a closer reading of the project, and the “parallels” of practice underpinning its methodology: those of an informal archive, an event of storytelling, an artwork, and an evidentiary object of personal creative practice.”

“In a sense, the FP project is an archive of identity both lost and “found” in the vacuum wrought by the mystery of the images, and the evidence they furnish of past moments, lives and places. Operating as a network of creative practice, enabled and enlivened by embracing the multiplicities and potentials of divers narratives, contributions and technological innovations, Zeleny’s FP project invites us in to participate in creative remembrance. In doing so, we may find our own story, our own “truths”, within the archive of possibility.”

Words by Rhiannon Herbert.

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